Our readings are done by LeighRouser – Zintkala To Wi

Spiritual Healer, Seer and Psychic Medium. Messenger of spirit and activator of the heart. With over 15 years of experience in the healing field. She bridges the worlds between the realms as a spiritual guide.  Bringing Awareness to what is hidden and illumination to what has been forgotten. Assisting  in breaking down the human programming. Living life purposely, authentically and as way showers . While inspiring heart lead ways of being. And empowering one into balance and alignment with their truth.


Readings and healing work with me generally offer an in depth transformational experience.

Assisting in the facilitation of , but not limited to..

Psychic Mediumship

Spiritual Healing 

Chakra Reading, Healing, Balancing 

Akashic Records 

Shadow Work 

Ancestral Healing 

Healing Old Trauma

Identifying core blocks and patterns  

Healing and Activation through Light Language 

Activating your gifts within 

A healer’s healer 

General Readings on life matters 

20 min. $35

30 min. $45

60min.  $85

90min.  $130

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is spiritual healing and  energy work combined.  A way of balancing and working with the chakras from the inside out. An in depth read and energy balancing of the chakras. Locating blocked energy rooting from past and present experience. Bringing healing, activation, and balance to the chakras. 

30 min $45

1 hour  $90

90 min $135

Smudging & Feather Work

Smudge with the aide of feathers, sage, palo santo, or cedar. Or other specialty custom blended medicinal mixes . To cleanse  your energy field and chakras.  Comes with a 20 min reading. $ 45

Feather work uses feathers to assist in pulling stuck energies from and around the body

Sage, palo santo, cedar and/or other medicinal herbs are used to clear stuck energies from and around the body 

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